The Baltimore Sun, 2/13/23
By Lisa Brown, Executive Vice President, 1199SEIU

When the state legislature voted in 2019 to increase Maryland’s minimum wage, no one could have predicted the ways the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic would change lives and communities. Indeed, the pandemic underscored just how much this increase of the minimum wage to $15 is needed and deserved by workers — now.

Gov. Wes Moore has made increasing the minimum wage on an accelerated schedule — $15 by this year rather than 2025 as mandated by the 2019 law — one of his top priorities during his first legislative session. We are fortunate to have a new governor who recognizes the value of supporting workers, including the front line workers who kept businesses and communities running during the pandemic. From home care aides to nursing home staff to restaurant workers to delivery drivers, our communities and families benefited immensely from the sacrifices and dedication of these workers.

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