Working for All Marylanders

The Fight for $15 Maryland Coalition comprises labor unions, community groups and religious groups all working to make life better for workers and their families.

The Fight for $15 movement works in more than 300 cities across the country and 60 countries across six continents. The campaign has paid off in California and New York State as well as cities like Seattle, where a $15 minimum wage has been enacted. More than 17 million workers across the country have already gotten raises.



An accelerated $15 minimum wage means a better Maryland for all of us. The Fight for $15 bill will increase wages for close to 217,000 workers in Maryland.

  • 151,000 children would see an increase in household income (11% of all kids)
  • Among those getting a raise:
    • 58% are women
    • 82% are age 20 or older
    • 44% work full-time
    • 43% have family income less than double the poverty line

   Race and ethnicity of affected workers:

  • 89,000 white workers get a raise (7% of white workers)
  • 78,000 Black workers (12%)
  • 32,000 Latinx workers (13%)
  • 10,000 AAPI workers (6%)
  • 8,000 Other racial/ethnic groups (12%)

Source: Maryland Center on Economic Policy from analysis of Economic Policy Institute data