Thousands of Maryland workers work full-time but don’t earn enough to make ends meet. Thanks to the tireless work of the Fight for $15 Maryland Coalition and advocates, during the 2019 General Assembly session, the Maryland legislature put working families first and passed legislation to raise the state’s minimum wage from $9.25 to $15 by 2025 for companies with more than 15 employees, with all employees reaching $15 by 2026. Maryland is now the sixth state in the United States to win the Fight for $15.

Hundreds of thousands of workers will get a raise in 2019 with the minimum wage increasing to $11 per hour on Jan. 1, 2020. A $15 minimum wage means a better Maryland for all of us. This legislation will lift thousands of families out of poverty, create new customers and profits for local businesses, and strengthen our neighborhoods.

Thank you for your support for Maryland workers!

Why We Fought For $15

A $15 minimum wage means a better Maryland for all of us:

  • The Fight for $15 bill will increase wages for close to 600,000 workers in Maryland.
  • Approximately 23,000 of our nation’s heroes will get a raise.
  • Half of the workers who will benefit from this raise are women and people of color, helping to narrow the gender and racial pay gap.
  • The $15 minimum wage will help hundreds of thousands of kids. Over 273,000 children will benefit from this bill, which will lead to additional resources in their households.
  • The Maryland economy will grow! Raising the minimum wage will circulate $2.6 billion in the Maryland economy through increased consumer spending.
  • Maryland’s job market will grow! Raising wages increases consumer spending, which increases job creation! When Maryland increased the minimum wage between 2012-2018, the state added 116,000 jobs and unemployment decreased.

Maryland Fight For $15: A Fair Minimum Wage For All (HB166/SB280)

Raising the minimum wage is good for workers, businesses and the economy.

Many Maryland residents work full-time yet struggle to get by financially — they work hard but can’t afford basic needs for themselves or their families.

Maryland’s current minimum wage of $10.10 an hour, or $21,000 a year for a full-time worker, is far too low for workers to make ends meet. While many families have been treading water financially, the cost of necessities like housing, child care and health care continue to rise. In fact, there is nowhere in Maryland where a single full-time working adult can meet their basic needs making less than $15 per hour. While $15 per hour still doesn’t constitute a living wage, this is a meaningful step toward establishing economic security for workers in Maryland.

Maryland must raise its minimum wage to boost the incomes of workers and address the growing concentration of poverty in our state. The General Assembly and Governor Hogan must pass the 2019 Fight for $15 Bill to increase Maryland’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2023.

A $15 wage will benefit workers, businesses and the economy:

  • Increasing Maryland’s minimum wage would make a significant difference to close to 600,000 workers who would see greater economic security — they would not have to decide between paying rent, affording health care or putting food on the table.
  • Paying fair wages helps big and small businesses attract and retain good employees, increase sales and revenues, and hire more people.
  • A family-sustaining minimum wage would strengthen the state’s economy. It will boost businesses through increased spending: Higher wages create economic activity as families spend more on food, clothing and other needs.

Who would the bill help?

  • Hard-working adults: 90 percent of affected workers are at least 20 years old, and three out of five work full-time
  • Children: 273,000 children would benefit from higher family income, which would help children’s educational outcomes, social development and health.
  • Women, people of color and veterans: One in four Maryland working women, one in four Maryland workers of color, and 23,000 veterans would benefit from the bill.

* Recent polling shows that Marylanders across the state support taking action:

A September 2018 Goucher poll found that 71 percent of Marylanders of both political parties support raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars.

Thank you for your help in ensuring workers in Maryland have wages that cover basic living costs and lead them on a path of self-sufficiency.

The fight to raise wages continues as we advocate for higher wages for certain groups excluded from the recent legislation such as tipped workers, agricultural workers and seasonal or commission-based workers. We need your help!

ABOUT THE FIGHT FOR $15 Maryland Coalition

The coalition is made up of labor unions, community groups and religious groups all working to make life better for workers and their families.
The Fight for $15 movement works in more than 300 cities across the country and 60 countries across six continents. The campaign has paid off in California and New York State as well as cities like Seattle, where a $15 minimum wage has been enacted. More than 17 million workers across the country have already gotten raises.

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